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Dr. Brad B. Miller, MBA

Mentor ~ Coach ~ Leader

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Leading others towards success has always come naturally to me. Whether it’s through public speaking, coaching, or mentorship, I’ve always enjoyed helping others learn and grow. My years of experience leading teams and helping early-career professionals learn how to navigate their organizations have given me a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful. I’m passionate about helping others become more insightful and make a meaningful impact by creating more data-driven workplaces.

& Interests

As the COO of Puzzle Labs, I spend the majority of my time working to build an organization that is inclusive and highly effective. While I value operational efficiency, I also recognize that our organizations benefit from our individual quirks and beautiful differences. 

As a researcher and educator, I focus on studying the connection between linguistics and human behavior. I primarily explore the influence of rapidly developing technologies on social norms, human communication, and our expression of self and belonging in the world.

Outside of these things, my time is spent with my family. I love being outside with my wife and children - riding bikes, going for walks, exploring new places, and learning new things together.

& Writings

Caste as a Facet of Dialectal Variation in Spoken Telugu (2011)

Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu (2013)

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