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Dr. Brad B. Miller, MBA

The AI Linguist

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The AI Linguist is your guide to the exciting intersection of language and technology. Brad Miller uses his unique perspective to make complex concepts understandable to non-technical professionals. Through his thought leadership, Brad explores the ethical, cultural, and practical implications of AI, with a focus on the impact of these technologies on our working world. Whether you're an expert linguist, a business leader, or simply curious about the future of AI, The AI Linguist provides a fresh and engaging voice to help you cut through the noise.

& Interests

As the COO of Puzzle Labs, I spend the majority of my time fundraising and building a better AI company. While I value the operational efficiencies that can be gained by using tools built off of AI, I also recognize that our organizations benefit from our beautiful and unique quirks and differences. 

As a researcher and educator, I focus on studying the intersection of language, human behavior, and technology. I primarily explore the influence of rapidly developing technologies on social norms, human communication, and our expression of self and belonging in the world.

Outside of these things, my time is spent with my family. I love being outside with my wife and children - riding bikes, going for walks, exploring new places, and learning new things together.

& Writings

Caste as a Facet of Dialectal Variation in Spoken Telugu (2011)

Speaking Like a Brahmin: Social Aspects of a Register of Spoken Telugu (2013)

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