• Brad B. Miller

Insights are exactly what you think they are

What is an insight?

Is it some stroke of genius? A fanciful burst of lightning that inspires and elevates?

How you think about insights will dictate how easily (or not) they come to you.

If you think that coming up with insights is hard, then you will feel the need to go through a long, drawn-out ritual to generate them. However, if you think - like I do - that coming up with insights is easy, then it will be.

This is because insights are exactly what we think they are. The complex, hard-to-find insights take time, effort, deep and focused attention, and many pensive moments. However, to be truly insightful, all you need to do is try to find answers to the questions around you.

Maybe that's even too difficult. Let's start with something easier - asking questions. Ask "why?"

Don't over-complicate things. Just start asking questions.


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