• Brad B. Miller

We're heading for a technological tipping point

When will you hit your tipping point?

If you have read Malcolm Gladwell's book, "The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference" you will recognize the idea. Almost everything that has the ability to go viral will do so only once it hits a tipping point. And that tipping point is typically a sufficiency of the right people.

Take, for example, the modern-day smartphone. It started in the mid to late 90's with PDAs. Then Blackberry came along with some pretty innovative technology. But that was limited to the business man and woman.

When did the smartphone hit the masses? It happened when a Apple launched the iPhone in 2007 and suddenly the average person was able to buy, and intuitively use, a smartphone.

The exponential growth of technology has maintained an impressive pace. Within only 11 years we have seen a shift towards truly mobile technology. It is becoming increasingly easy to access, process, and share data. But at the same time, this ease does not actually simplify anything - nor does it improve the things that matter most.

I am using this platform to start my digital discussion of this tipping point. People are going to start realizing that increased ability to access, process, and share data does not make things better for us.

After all - what is it that we truly need?

Do we need more information? No, we have quite enough information as it is. This doesn't mean we know everything - but we're already suffering from information overload.

Do we need to process information faster? No, our personal ability to process information is finite and limited. We think we can keep consuming and consuming data - buying into the false notion that someday we will arrive at a sufficiency. But we all know there is more to learn and more to digest.

What we need is the ability to decide what is valuable and what is waste. I am not here to say what that is - because everyone's definition of value varies. What I am trying to say is that we have reached the point where we need to start making conscious decisions about how to structure our lives so that we can access, consume, and share information in a responsible manner.

I think we are getting quite close to the point where the late-night emailing, the constant hits of dopamine from social media, the never-ending advertising and bombardment of more information and flashy news titles will hit the ceiling and people will start to say, "I can't take it any more!"

It is already happening - and has been happening for years. The only question I have for you is this - when will it happen for you?

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